Bad Things Done For The Right Reasons

Bad Things Done For The Right Reasons

Good people sometimes do the bad things for the right reasons.

Danielle, one of the twins in Despicable Lies is a prime example of this concept. She made decisions over and over again, based on what she THOUGHT was right, but it turned out not to be true. Her “good intended” actions caused serious repercussions that filtered throughout her whole family and caused an almost irreparable breach between her sister and herself, her father and her sister and even her father and herself. Once bad things (in this case, telling lies) are spoken, it’s difficult to forgive them or to comprehend the motives behind them. Danielle did not understand her reasons for telling the lies until after undergoing prolonged and intense psychiatric therapy and much soul-searching. Darcy also lied to Ginger (her almost mother-in-law) ostensibly to protect her from the truth about her son’s sexuality. Alex lied to Danielle for fear that if she knew the truth about her sister’s enormous writing success, and the full extent of the injury to his operating hand, she would suffer a relapse.

Once the web of despicable lies begins, everyone is caught in their trap, and the consequences can be devasting. But, on a funny note, I recently saw a movie on television whose premise was the main character always had to tell the complete, unvarnished truth. She did not know how to lie. The situations and complications arising from telling the whole truth were as mind-blowing as those coming out of the Despicable Lies book. Just try to imagine going one full day telling everyone you meet, the entire, 100% truth.
How would you answer your friends if they asked…?
“Does this dress make me look fat?”
“Do you like the dinner I made? I slaved over the stove all day.”
“How old do I really look? Do I need a facelift?”
You can imagine the uncomfortable predicaments you could create and the hurt you might inadvertently cause. So, maybe there is a need to tell occasional little white lies. Good people do bad things for the right reasons. It’s worth considering.

Until my next inspiration…ciao.

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