Tool Belt

Husbands are not all alike. I am referring to their ability to repair or build something.

Some men are natural “fixers.” When an appliance breaks, they pull out the manual, select what part they need and order it on line or run to the hardware store to buy it. They can easily replace a hose on the washing machine, change the filters in the air conditioners, reset the thermostats after a power outage. They understand about circuit breakers and fuses. When the televisions aren’t working properly, they know how to reboot the system, and resubmit any passwords that are needed for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and CBS Streaming.

As much as I find these “Fix it” traits wonderful, I have to confess that my adorable husband does not possess them. He is special in so many ways, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of our 37-year marriage for anything. But honestly, I keep a separate, old-fashioned paper phone directory with the names of all the repair companies and service men that parade through our apartment on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. As to the cable repair man, I have his personal cell phone number and send him birthday cards. That’s how often he is here.

There is rarely a week that goes by where I don’t have to call someone to fix something. Last week the undercounter lights in our kitchen died and the electrician had to make three trips here to straighten out the problem. Things are not simple any more. In the past, one could simply change the light bulb. But not now. Today you need knowledge about LED bulbs and transformers and who knows what else. I do my writing at a desk in the kitchen, so having the proper lighting to see the computer is imperative. I have not received the electrician’s bill but I hate to think what he will charge.

If my husband was a “fixer,” I’d miss out on so much trivia and information. The washing machine repairman tells me about his kids and how they are struggling with their school work. Then he launches into a dissertation about the failings of public schools in the state. The plumber (also a very frequent visitor) tries to enlighten me about the virtues of trade schools and how he hopes his son follows him in his profession, but the boy wants to study music. The exterminator regals me with facts about how to distinguish between certain types of bugs native to Florida and warns me about the influx of Iguanas.

When my computer acts funny or the printer refuses to do its job, I have a tech company that I call. They can fix the problem remotely or with a house visit. I talk to the lady there so often that I am seriously considering dedicating one of my next books to her.

I have come to realize that having a handyman as a mate would in some ways be nice and certainly convenient. Whenever something breaks or needs fixing, my “unhandy” husband loves to say, “Aren’t there people who do that?”
The answer is ‘yes’, and I have my own little paper phone directory with all their names and numbers to prove it.

Until my next inspiration…ciao.

Phone Book

Featured Photo of the tool belt by jesse orrico on Unsplash

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