Fun Facts About Washington DC

Fun Facts About Washington DC

Even though I consider myself a native Washingtonian, in doing research about the city I found a site that listed some fun and fascinating facts about my hometown that I had not known. (

  1. Two American presidents kept alligators at the White House. Both Herbert Hoover and John Quincy Adams ad pet alligators in the White House.
  2. President Jimmy Carter hold the record for watching the most movies in the White House movie theater…480.
  3. It’s a fact that Washington D.C. citizens drink more wine per capita than any other state in the US.
  4. There are marble bathtubs in the Capital building. They were installed in 1859 to keep the senators from stinking; during that time, they lived in boarding houses that had no running water.
  5. There are underground tunnels that run for miles and miles under the city that are for the senators and members of the House and have never been seen by the public. (Do you remember the movie, Dave? The President used one of those tunnels to escape from the White House).
  6. There’s a crypt under the Capital building that was made for George Washington, although he is not buried there.
  7. DC’s Metro is the second busiest subway system in the U.S. Beat out only by New York City.
  8. The Washington Redskins were not originally from D.C. The team was first based in Boston.
  9. There’s a spy museum in D.C. It’s one of the world’s only museums of its kind. It’s the International Spy Museum (/Washington-dc/international-spy-museum) and continues to intrigue guests to the city.
  10. All roads in the city lead to the Capitol building. It’s the dividing center for all quadrants of the city, so all roads actually do lead there.
  11. Washington D.C. gets more rain than Seattle. Only about two inches more, but none-the-less, surprising.
  12. John Adams was the first President to live in the White House. George Washington never lived there; it was built after he died.
  13. There are 35 bathrooms in the White House. Who knew? There are also 132 rooms and 6 levels in the residence. Even more staggering are the 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and 3 elevators.
  14. The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, holding over 160,000 objects in its collection including 6000 books originally owned by Thomas Jefferson.
  15. The Maine Avenue Fish Market is th e oldest fish market in the United States. It opened its doors in 1805 and has been operating ever since.
  16. There’s only one US president buried in Washington D.C. It’s Woodrow Wilson and he’s entombed at the Washington National Cathedral.

I love interesting facts and trivia. I suppose that’s why I’m addicted to the television show “Jeopardy!” If any of you have little known or quirky facts about your hometown, please share them with me. I can post a future blog with them.

Until my next inspiration…ciao


Washington Monument

P.S. This is my friend, Vanny Bul, on her visit to DC.

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