Second Chances

Second Chances

My book, Second Chances, continues the intriguing story of Darcy and Danielle, identical twin sisters, who have inherited a fortune from their deceased father, Fred Coulter. They live luxuriously in the same condominiums building in Manhattan with their respective husbands. Their story begins five years after Despicable Lies left off.

Darcy is married to Mark Donovan, a nationally acclaimed sportscaster and Danielle is the wife of Alex Stone, a renowned trauma surgeon and professor of surgery at a prestigious New York hospital. The girls reconnected in the last book, after a fifteen-year estrangement and have reaffirmed their “twin connection”. However, soon circumstances in their own professional lives and in their marriages separate them again – but this time geographically, not emotionally.

The intriguing thing about these “girls” is their resiliency. No matter what is thrown at them, they eventually overcome it and become victorious.

Since the book just recently came out, I don’t want to spoil the story for my readers. Please buy Second Chances, so you can follow along with them and me in future blogs. In the spirit of fun, I will list some facts about the girls that may or may not appear in the books about them, but may help them become more real to you.

She loves Chardonnay.
She loves all wines.
She dyes her hair to cover gray roots.
She wears acrylic nails.
She works out whenever she can (Elliptical).
She power walks and shuns the gym.
She tried false mink eye lashes but got a serious eye infection. She considered breast implants but chickened out.
She loves to boss her sister. She hates to be bossed by her sister.
She loves Mexican food, especially burritos. She loves Italian food, especially pasta.
She could eat Chinese food every day. She could eat ice cream at every meal.
She loves all professional sports. She loves the Red Sox.
She is mischievous and hates rules. She is comfortable and secure with rules.
She doesn't think she wants children. She wants a big family.
She cooks, but prefers take-out. She loves to cook, especially casseroles.
She loves New York and D.C.. She loves Boston and New York.
She loves The Four Tops. She loves doo-wop.
She dances around her house to "Sweet Caroline". She dances around her house to "Run Around Sue".
She adores her husband. She adores her husband and her children.

I hope you will enjoy reading about these two, remarkable young women, and will understand the significance of the title, “Second Chances.” If you have already read "Second Chances", please pick up my latest novel entitled "Trapped" and meet a new set of interesting and quirky characters who find themselves in a dangerous, life threatening situation.

Until my next inspiration…ciao.

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  • Anne

    I love getting to know them better. They are, and becoming more like, friends!!!!

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