Everyone seems to realize that women love their shoes, but do we know why or how many we need?

It seems that not only do we require shoes to complement our outfits, both heels and flats, wedges, and sandals, but we need them in multiple colors. Like lipsticks, whenever I find a color that I like and go back to the store to purchase another, it had been discontinued. It’s much the same way with shoes. If I try on a pair and they fit comfortably I will but them…but then I think, “What if I need them in a different color next month or even next year?” So, I buy the same pair in multiple colors in anticipation of wearing them at some future point. Many orange, yellow, aqua, and pink flats sit forlornly on the bottom of my shoe shelf, never to have felt the inside of my foot. Such a waste!

I have also discovered that now different types of shoes are necessary for most activities. It used to be than one pair of Keds sufficed and got me through a range of gym classes, handball, and even just plain walking. No Longer. When I took up water aerobics, I soon learned I needed special water shoes to keep me from tearing up the bottoms of my feet. Of course, they had to match my bathing suits, so I bought them in black, white, purple and red. Since the pickleball rage spread throughout the country, special shoes are necessary to play that and if the courts are inside, you will need indoor court shoes like those used for volleyball or basketball. Then there are bowling shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, ski boots and riding boots etc. In summer camp, as a child, I rode horseback with any hard-soled shoe I owned. But any serious rider will tell you cowboy boots are an absolute necessity.

How did we ever fall for this ridiculous shoe bamboozle?  The shoe companies have become fabulously rich at the cost of our common sense and closet space. We are told that our shoes must have cushioning, inserts, and arch support. What about ballet slippers? They don’t qualify for any of the above requirements and in my day only came in pink or black.

When I recently looked at my collection of shoes and boots, I was appalled but how many I had accumulated and how unnecessary most of them were. Growing up, I survived with a pair of school shoes, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of black paten leather flats for dress. When did things get so askew?

I’m busy now, but the first change I get, I’m heading to my closet with a large garbage bag and tossing any shoes I have not worn in a year into it – even if they are brand new with the price tags still attached. Good Will or someplace like that can find them a proper home where they will be worn and appreciated.  I pray that I have the strength to pass by the Sketchers store or the Nordstrom shoe department next time I’m out and about. 

Is there a “Shoes Anonymous” meeting anywhere?

Until my next inspiration...ciao.


Shoes Photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash

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