Thank You

Thank You

Since 2020 when I published my first novel "Despicable Lies", I have also written 33 blogs. Some are sad, some are funny, some are educational and some are deeply personal. I have enjoyed doing them all but now feel my time will be better spent working on future novels. If the inspiration hits me again, I will return to the keyboard, but for now, it's good bye to blogging. If you have any interest in reading some of them, they are all located on my web page, The following are a few titles of those blogs:

A New Writer, Mother's Day, The Death of a Parent, Easy Entertaining, Expressive Writing, Fun Facts about Washington D.C., Fourth of July, Hypochondria, Reading Lists, Our Obsession with Counting, Elevators, Tracking Packages and Shoes.

Since the launch of "Despicable Lies", I have published an additional six books. (Can you believe it?) "Second Chances", "Trapped", "Dangerous Attraction", "Destiny", "Secrets" and most recently "Loss of Innocence". I am currently working on my 8th but it is as yet untitled. I'm hoping for a late Spring or early Summer release date.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you who have taken your time to read my blogs and/or purchase my novels. You have given me great feedback and wonderful encouragement. I can not tell you how your kind words have made my heart sing.




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  • Louise Gates

    I was reading your book when I decided to flip over and look at the back where to my surprise you had summarized the whole book in five paragraphs. You left nothing for surprise. I was very disappointed I did not want to continue to read the book as you had given away the whole plot of the story. I also found an error on page 140. You called her Valerie instead of Victoria. I noticed in someone else’s review that you would also change a name and then never mentioned it again. I was very disappointed with this because there was no surprise to the story. You had given it all away. I do not recommend reading this book unless you tear off the back cover.

  • Sharon

    I just finished A Remarkable Woman and am looking forward to reading other books by you. I do have a question. Starting in chap 59 you name Harold as a character and then he’s Howard. Are these 2 different names he goes by?

  • Sally Reich

    So nice to hear you are continuing to give us more of your wonderful books
    Your books are such a wonderful read…..keep it up

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