The Men in the Books

The Men in the Books

In all my previous blogs about Despicable Lies and Second Chances, I’ve referred, in one way or another, to the two beautiful Coulter twins, Darcy and Danielle. I have not mentioned much about the wonderful men in their lives, and I should have. Both men are awesome. Mark Donovan is a nationally known sports broadcaster and Alex Stone is a trauma surgeon and a professor of medicine at a prominent New York City hospital. These men adore their wives, and are a constant source of unconditional love and support for them.

Mark Donovan was an extremely handsome, forty-year old, divorced man when he first met Darcy. He had no children and an ex-wife with whom he remained friendly. Everybody loved him. He had covered sports in Seattle, Chicago and Cleveland before accepting a plum job at the local NBC affiliate television station in Washington, D.C. When he met Darcy, she was a Realtor. She found him his home in the D.C. area, which eventually became hers too. The chemistry between them was instant. His crooked smile, his wit and his eyes, the color of the Caribbean Sea, captured her heart immediately.

Throughout their relationship, he remained steadfastly at her side, helping her when she needed it, and always offered an understanding ear and a loving heart. When in Second Chances, his professional life (and hers by association) falls apart, because of a vicious plot against him, the two grab a new opportunity, and take on the challenges of new careers at the White House, working for the President and the First Lady. Through all the problems that they encounter, and there were many, they remain faithful, madly in love and determined to right the wrong that was done to them.

Dr. Alex Stone was a handsome, dynamic medical student when he met Danielle while they were at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. After finishing their individual residency training, they both were offered staff positions at the Massachusetts General Hospital and continued to work there together. Alex was a devoted physician who spent at least sixty-hours a week taking care of his critically ill patients. He was a skilled emergency medicine and trauma surgeon. In a freak accident, he broke his hand, and the bones did not heal properly. His fingers were left stiff and inflexible. Alex faced the loss of his ability to perform surgery with bravado. The realization that he could never operate again, might have ruined a lesser man. However, Alex turned the devastation into a victory.

These two exceptional men are critical to the stories of Danielle and Darcy. I modeled them after my own, remarkable husband, who is himself a kind and caring physician. He’s witty and resourceful too, and like Alex and Mark, he is always by my side giving me unconditional 100% support and love.

Until my next inspiration…ciao.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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