Weather Girls / Meteorologists

Weather Girls / Meteorologists

I have always been fascinated by the weather. First thing every morning, I make a cup of coffee and turn on the local television news station to listen to the weather forecast. Living in south Florida, the predictions are pretty much the same all year long, except during hurricane season. Almost every day it’s …sunny…hot…humid… with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. The only thing that varies is the temperature and how many inches of rain are expected. None-the-less, I faithfully tune in every morning. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” However, I do it every day.

An undeniable fact about watching the weather reports on TV here in Florida is that the weather girls (meteorologist) are slim and gorgeous. Every time I start a new diet, I pay close attention to their wardrobes and figures, using them as inspiration to stick to my eating plan. My favorite weather girl is on our local ABC affiliate. She is slim and tall, with gorgeous hair (a product of numerous extensions and clip ins, no doubt, but the effect is mesmerizing. Her stomach is as flat as a skate board, and her arms are toned and show the perfect amount of musculature. Her assortment of short dresses and miniskirts reveal beautiful legs. Just looking at her makes my husband and myself dart to the gym. Aside from being a natural beauty, she is articulate and knowledgeable, and calmly delivers her lines in an interesting and entertaining way.

I look at meteorologists and wonder how they can make so much money, and be wrong with their predictions so often. Imagine if you were a doctor and made a diagnosis of a ruptured appendix and started surgery only to discover that the patient only had gas. Suppose you are a pilot and whoops, you push the wrong button and the plane free falls for hundreds of feet, jarring and injuring the passengers. A smiling weather person can predict a catastrophic weather event, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, flooding, etc. and when it doesn’t happen, they simply smile into the camera and say “aren’t we lucky?”

I have been mostly kidding, but there’s an element of truth in my reflections. That being said, I do understand that becoming a meteorologist is difficult and contrary to appearance, it is a hard job requiring a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and a facile knowledge of science. Their workday hours are long and usually start well before the sun rises. I can’t imagine trying to pull myself and my wardrobe together so early each day. My hat is off to those men and women who do it.

My personal forecast for today is…evening will follow morning and night will follow day.

Until my next inspiration…ciao.



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